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Weksler Circular Chart Recorders

Thermo-Hygrograph Recorders

  • Simultaneously records both temperature and %R.H.
  • 8" Chart Size
  • Accurate Dependable Human Hair Element Records % R.H. with an Accuracy of 3% from 20 to 90%. Element is Replaceable
  • Gas Actuated Filled System Element Records Temperature with an Accuracy of 1 division
  • Fiber Tipped Cartridge Pens
  • Engineered Plastic Case on 8˝ Chart Sizes
  • Both sensing units are located within the case where they are protected from damage.
  • Both sides of the case are slotted to permit the surrounding air to enter.
  • Textured Black Finish
  • Fully Gasketed Door & Glass Front
  • All SS Movement, Linkage and Pen Arms
  • Case is Provided with Brackets for Surface Mounting
  • Utilizes Bi-Metallic Case Compensator
  • Suitable for Ambient Temperatures of +20F to 150F (-6 to 65C)

weksler circular chart recorder

Table 1 - Basic Weksler Model Numbers

Type Model Number
Wall Mounted 08T2W
Portable 08T2P

Table 2 - Chart Drives

Code Revolution Power
EC-24 24 hour


(110V, 60 Cycles Std.)

EC-7D 7 day
EC-31D 31 day
SWC-24 24 hour

Spring Wound


SWC-7D 7 day
SWC-24-7D 24 hr. & 7 day
SWC-31D 31 day
BPC-24 24 hour

Battery Operated

Quartz Controlled


1 "C" Cell

BPC-7D 7 day
BPC-31D 31 day
BQC-7D 7 day

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