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Weksler Circular Chart Recorders

Weksler recorders are no longer being made. We have Charts, Pens, and Parts available and if you need a new or replacement recorder we can recommend the closest replacement. Please visit our contact page to contact us or send us an e-mail.

Chart Size 6, 8, 10 & 12 inches

  • Temperature

  • Pressure or Vacuum

  • Combination:  Temperature & Humidity

  • Combination:  Temperature & Pressure

  • Combination:  Pressure & Vacuum

Chart Drives

  • Electric: 110V or 220V

  • Handwound

  • Battery Powered

Chart Rotation

  • 24 Hour

  • 7 Day

  • 31 Day


  • Wall

  • Flush Panel

  • Portable

Marking System

  • Fiber Tipped Cartridge Pens

  • Up to Two Pens Available

Quality Construction

  • Engineered Plastic Case on 6˝ and 8˝ Chart Sizes

  • Rugged Aluminum Case Optional on 6˝ Chart Sizes

  • Rugged Aluminum Case on 10˝ and 12˝ Chart Sizes

  • Textured Black Finish

  • Fully Gasketed Door & Glass Front

  • All St. St. Movement, Linkage and Pen Arms

  • Accuracy: 1 Division or 2% of Full Scale

  • Suitable for Ambient Temperatures of +20F to 150 (-6 to 65C)

  • All Portable and 6˝ Weksler Circular Chart Recorders with Electric Drives are Supplied with 6 Feet of 3 Wire Power Cord

  • Temperature Bulb Filled with Non-Toxic Fast Response Inert Gas

  • Utilizes Bi-Metallic Case Compensator

Custom Mechanical Chart Recorders

  • Fire Pump Controllers

  • Consult With Us for Weksler Circular Chart Recorders for Specific Applications

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