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Weksler Pressure Switches

Watertight Enclosure, Type 400, WP/WD-Series

This general purpose Weksler switch series is ideal for use in virtually all industrial and OEM applications.
  • Watertight NEMA 4X enclosure, IP66
  • Choice of switch elements for all applications, including hermetically sealed
  • Wide choice of wetted materials, including all-welded Monel or stainless steel
  • Fixed or limited adjustable deadband
  • UL Listed
  • Choice of actuators, including designs for fire-safe and NACE applications(8)
  • Readily available
  • options (PDF)
  • standard pressure ranges (PDF)

weksler pressure switch type 400


Code Description
WP4 Pressure switch
WD4 Differential pressure switch

Actuator Seal

Code Material Temp Limits Pressure Range
B Buna N 0-150F VAC"H2O-3000PSI
V Viton 20-300F VAC"H2O-1000PSI
T Teflon 0-150F VAC"H2O-3000PSI
S SS 0-300F 0-1000PSI
P Monel 0-300F 0-1000PSI

Switch Elements

Code Description Max Electric UL/CSA listed SPDT
20 Narrow Deadband

15A, 125/250 Vac

22 Hermetically sealed switch, narrow deadband

5A, 125/250 Vac

23 Heavy duty ac

20A, 125/250 Vac

24 General purpose

15A, 125/250 Vac

1/4A, 125 Vdc

1/4A, 250 Vdc

25 Heavy duty dc

10A, 125/ Vac or dc

28 Manual reset trip on increasing

15A, 125/250 Vac

29 Manual reset trip on decreasing

15A, 125/250 Vac

31 Low level (gold) contacts

1A, 125/250 Vac

32 Hermetically sealed switch, general purpose

11A, 125/250 Vac

5A, 30 Vdc

50 Variable deadband

15A, 125/250 Vac

UL/CSA listed dual SPDT
61 Dual narrow deadband

15A, 125/250 Vac

62 Dual narrow environment proof

15A, 125/250 Vac

63 Dual high temp. 300F

15A, 125/250 Vac

64 Dual general purpose

15A, 125/250/480 Vac

1/2A, 125 Vdc

1/4A, 250 Vdc

65 Dual ammonia service

5A, 125/250/480

weksler pressure switch model breakdown WP4

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